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TADSummit Asia 28-29 May 2019 Kuala Lumpur

TADSummit is back in Asia, the first-ever TADSummit took place in Bangkok in 2013. In 2019 we are running 3 TADSummits around the world with a focus on Programmable Telecoms in Asia, Americas and EMEA.
TADSummit brings together leading Asian practitioners to share experiences across business and technology in Programmable Telecoms. This covers:
  • CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) – Telecom APIs are creating a new multi-billion dollar industry solving problems from account security to creating delightful customer experiences.
  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service, also know as virtual PBX), CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service), and CPaaS are significantly lowering enterprise communication costs so small and medium businesses can use services once restricted to large corporations with deep pockets.
  • Conversational Interfaces using voice and messaging are saving costs and raising customer satisfaction. Asia is leading the way, for example with the Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Service Robot.
  • Asia Interconnect – understanding the unique and diverse situations around Asia for voice, messaging, and real time communication services.
  • Investment, Venture Capital, and M&A panel
  • Web3 (Ethereum / Blockchain) and Open Source telecom software are creating an open global innovation platform with adoption across governments, enterprises, education, and healthcare throughout Asia.
  • Telco Innovation – Asia remains the region where the most successful innovation ecosystems exist, by a number of measures including revenue!

Outline Agenda

Keynotes will include:
  • IdeaMart Sri Lanka Success Case. One of the most successful country-wide innovation ecosystems, a problem solving community focused on the needs of Sri Lanka, built on telecom APIs and simple web-page template services. The technology is important BUT the people and processes are equally important and often overlooked. Learn from the leaders in creating successful country-wide innovation ecosystems.
  • CPaaS in Asia – Comparing and contrasting the roll-out of CPaaS around Asia, highlighting the unique market situations and opportunities from the leading implementors in the Asian market.
  • UCaaS and CCaaS in Asia – Traditionally Asia has followed the rest of the world in adoption of unified communications and contact centers. National Cloud infrastructure projects of the past decade are now enabling Asia to leap-frog the rest of the world in adoption of these technologies.
  • Web3 in Asia – understanding the future of enterprise communications and operations across Asia in a decentralized web built on open source software. Regaining control from the Bay Area web 2.0 giants.
Enterprise Communications across Asia session will include:
  • Healthcare Case Study: video communication adoption in Healthcare.
  • Banking Case Study: experiences with integrated omni-channel communications, fully compliant, in the cloud.
  • Several country specific deployment case studies, highlighting the importance of programmability for localization and compliance.
Customer Interactions across Asia session will include:
  • Review of voice and messaging bot deployments across Asia – how Asia is leading in commercial bot implementations.
  • Intelligent Service Robot Live demonstration – new and improved customer interactions
  • Several country specific deployment case studies, highlighting the importance of programmability
Telco Innovations across Asia session will include:
  • Repeating IdeaMart Sri Lanka’s success across Asia.
  • Country-specific RCS case study in a highly competitive IP messaging market.
  • Case studies on how programmable telecoms enable Telcos to deliver custom solutions to grow enterprise service revenues in the double digit %
Asian Interconnect
  • TBD
Investment, Venture Capital, and M&A Panel
  • Open and frank discussion around investment and M&A opportunities in programmable telecoms in Asia.
  • Hard-won practical experience on raising cash in the Asian market in a discipline most VCs struggle to categorize. Is it Web-based services, or Cloud Computing, or Enterprise Software and Services, or even the T-word (Telecoms).
CPaaS Evolution across Asia session will include:
  • Understanding how CPaaS in Asia is NOT like CPaaS in North America, and what that means to be successful.
  • Importance of API enabled services, not just APIs, in helping Asian web companies deliver delightful customer experiences.
  • Do Telecom APIs matter in Asia?
Meet the TADHack Global Winners from KL
  • TADHack Global is one of the largest hackathons in the world, with 3-4000 registrations, 20 locations, some locations have 200 people. They hack on programmable telecoms and technologies such as, an Ethereum OS.
  • Learn from innovators using the latest programmable telecoms and blockchain technologies to solve problems that matter in Asia.
Future of Programmable Telecoms across Asia session will include:
  • Closing Keynote: Vision of Web3 across Asia
  • Where next for CPaaS / UCaaS / CCaaS across Asia?
We’re also planning pre-conference workshops on Monday 27th to provide global market insights and case studies on best practices across programmable telecoms.
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